Robot Wars features 40 distinct combat robots, self-built by the competitors, fighting in a purpose built arena to be crowned champion. The first five episodes are the qualifiers, with the winner of each guaranteeing a place in the grand final.

The grand final features the winners of the previous five episodes – alongside one runner up chosen by three judges – returning to battle for the coveted trophy.

Robot Wars made its return to TV screens in 2016 with a revamped format, a panel of robotics expert judges and new presenters Dara O’Brien and Angela Scanlon. The first series in the new format launched in August 2016 and season two was broadcast in March 2017. Both seasons appeared on BBC2 on Sunday nights, with season three due later this year.

The revamped Robot Wars has enjoyed critical and viewer acclaim, boosting the licensing programme, which was launched alongside the new series. With an emphasis on STEM learning, Licensing Link will aim to encourage both girls and boys into robotics and engineering and capture the brand’s 20-year heritage of technology, humour, competition, teamwork, sportsmanship and family fun.

Licensing Link has UK and Ireland rights. Existing licensees are: Innovation First (global master toy to include construction, play-sets, RC and vehicles), Danilo ( 2018 calendar), Haynes Publishing (how to build a robot manual), Scholastic (official handbook) and Trademark (adult daywear).

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