Along with the faithful crew of her ship, “The Pink Skull,” Pirata sails “The Great Sea” in a never-ending quest for buried treasure.

Sailing with Pirata in command is always a non-stop and a joyful adventure, one which generally delights her crew…at least until the inevitable moment when her thirst for risk, her jokes, or her attitude put them in danger...

Luckily, her old friend Capitano, flying in his hydroplane, is never far, and he is always there with good advice and a lending hand, should the situation require it.

On each adventure, Pirata, her crew and Capitano meet surprising, unpredictable characters as they explore mysterious and spectacular islands.

As they navigate the sea, they also learn to negotiate differences and manage rivalries while their friendship deepens. Above all, they all learn to live together, understanding and helping each other while they share incredible experiences.

Together, they’ll learn that the greatest treasure in the world is being with your friends, sailing the sea, and sharing marvelous adventures.

Pirata & Capitano airs here in the UK on Channel 5’s Milkshake! and excitingly Posh Paws International have signed up as our Pan-European and Australian plush partner to introduce a first wave of product in AW 2019

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